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Aladdin Jr.  


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00 to 3:45

 March 15th All Cast

March 16th All Cast

 Spring Break 

March 22nd: High Adventure

March 23rd: High Adventure 

March 24th: (Wednesday) Costumes 

March 25th: All Cast 

March 29th:   Jaffar, Iago, Sultan, Jazmin, Genie, Guards, Razoul, BOK.

March 30th: All Cast

March 31st: (Wednesday) Whole New World

April 1st: All Cast 

April 5th: ALL

April 6th: ALL

April 7th: ALL

April 8th: ALL

Saturday, April 10th. 10:00am to 3:00pm 

April 12th: All Cast

April 13th: All Cast, Full Dress Rehearsal

April 14th: All Cast

April 15th: 6:00 Show

April 16th: 6:00 Show

April 17th: 2:00 and 6:00 show. 

Cast Party: TBA 


































March 8th: All Cast

March 9th: All Cast

March 10: In House Field trip (All Day)

March 11th All Cast 

March 15th All Cast

March 16th All Cast

Spring Break

March  22nd: High Adventure

March 23rd:  High Adventure

March 24th: (Wednesday) Iago, Jaffar, Sultan, BOK, Aladdin, Jazmin

March 25th: All Cast